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American Badge Betrayed Robert Alvarez

We have been working closely with Robert Alvarez on his book, “American Badge Betrayed”.  Awen Books and More is assisting with the content management and creation on the website for the book, as well as formulating and implementing a marketing plan on Facebook, and assisting with publication details. The book is now available for sale on Amazon and iBooks, and at Barnes and Noble.


“Chloe was very professional and did a superb job with her submitted writing material that I requested. She checked in periodically to update me on the work and finished the project on time. An all around great experience with a professional. I would highly recommend Chloe to anyone.”

-Michael M.

“I highly recommend Awen Books’ editing services. They provide a reasonable turn around and follow through for projects and are very prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. The editing not only included grammar and sentence structure, but also a thoughtful commentary on making sure what I had written was properly being conveyed to my audience.”

– Alyssa P.

“Chloe edited my non-fiction book. It was highly detailed, with lots John Kerry and PCF-44, Mike Johnson, Chloe Longstreetof citations and my conclusions. She followed my arguments, found errors in the logic, and made suggestions towards a more professional presentation.

Her response was timely and polite. She found several typos and suggested grammatical improvements.

Bottom line, just what I needed and wanted.”

– Mike J.

Author, John Kerry and PCF-44

“Chloe read a few different school papers for me and gave me feedback on what could flow better and what needed grammatical correction. It was extremely helpful to have a second set of eyes review them before I handed them in and she helped me a lot when writing papers after. Each time she reviewed a new paper it was a bit better because I recalled and used her instructions.”

-Shannon O.

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