I want to do all of the marketing myself, but I could use a little help

This is a great option for the author who is short on funds and design skills, but has plenty of time to invest in marketing their book themselves. Whether you just want some outside direction on strategy, or help that is a little more advanced with blog post ideas, professional graphics, and monthly support calls, we can provide you with expert guidance that is tailored to your book, genre, and author goals. Check out our marketing plans for more information!

I'm preparing for my book launch and I need help!

Your book launch is the most important element of your book’s success (second to the writing of course). It will also require a lot of time and effort from you to make it successful. Whether you need help with a blueprint, a detailed schedule of what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, or more in-depth help with social media and blog build-up, initial audience creation, help with graphics, and day to day help on the ground, we provide help with your launch in a way that works with your individual needs to give your book the best chance it has of getting into the hands of as many readers as possible.

I need help designing my author website

Having a professional website will help you appear like the professional author you are (or aspire to be). But you are good at writing stories, not designing websites. Don’t worry, we can help. Whether you need help determing what to do for hosting, or figuring out what hosting is; if you need help building a website or buying a domain name, or help with maintainging the site, we can guide you through whatever part of the process you are currently struggling with.

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My book has been more successful than I anticipated and now I need help managing it

If you are here, you should start by giving yourself a huge pat on the back. If you haven’t celebrated yet, please do! However many authors at this point find themselves wanting to step back from the day to day marketing a little so they can start focusing on their lives (or their next book) and they don’t want to upset their fans. These authors would be interested in weekly marketing assistance.

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Why Your Book Launch is Vital to Your Success
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