The publishing world today requires authors to market their own books most of the time. Whether you self-publish or find a publishing house to publish for you, you are now expected to have an executable marketing plan for your book as an author more often than not. The trouble with that is most authors have no clue where to begin with this process, causing their publishing venture to be doomed from the start.

At Awen Books and More, we offer marketing assistance to authors who have chosen to self-publish, or authors who have publishers that expect them to do most of the marketing themselves. We will work with you and your budget to create a marketing plan. Do you just need some advice on where to start? Or would you prefer to turn it all over to someone else to do it for you? Most authors fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, depending on what their goals are for their particular novel and their future career goals as an author.

Past and Current Marketing Projects

Awen Books and More is currently assisting Robert Alvarez with the marketing for his book “American Badge Betrayed”, including content creation for his website.

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