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I finished my book, but I'm not sure if it's good enough

Before moving forward with editors and publishing, it can be helpful to have someone beta read your manuscript. This could be friends or family, however having a professional writer or editor give it a read through can help you determine the market viability of your book. A professional beta reading from Awen Books and More will include an analysis of the market you intend to publish in, an in-depth critique of the book where we identify any major plotholes or storyline issues, and a list of great quotes from the book to be used for future marketing purposes. This service can save you a ton of money on a developmental edit if it is properly utilized.

My book is done and I am ready for a heavy edit

Ideally, every book goes through three rounds of editing before being sent to print. The first round of editing is called a developmental edit. Here, the editor reviews the manuscript for big picture issues. Are you doing too much telling and not enough showing? Did you start with too much backstory? Should you change the order of your chapters, or rewrite your dialogue? These are examples of the types of issues a developmental editor will handle for you. Be prepared to make some serious revisions to your manuscript after this round, and make sure you have an editor you trust.

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I have solved all the big picture issues and am ready for the next step

Copyediting is a more focused type of editing that looks at smaller picture items such as word choice and flow. This type of editing is also more focused on grammar issues, paragraph length, and checking to make sure that your characterizations remain consistent throughout the book (if Mary has brown eyes in Chapter 1, this editor will make sure her eyes stay brown). Sometimes, a fiction author on a budget may want to just skip ahead to this level of editing. It is possible to do this, or to do a combo edit, however there is a bigger risk of something getting missed if steps are skipped. If you are unsure what the best choice is for you or your book, you can always contact us to discuss your goals and we will work with you to come up with the best plan of action for you.

My Manuscript really just needs a polish

Congratulations! You made it! Your manuscript has been edited thoroughly at this point and you’re confident that all of the big picture items and the smaller issues have been fixed. Now you are ready for the laser-focused proofread, where an editor goes through the manuscript with an eagle eye to check for any final punctuation or spelling errors. Once this step is done you are ready for publication so pat yourself on the back. Making it through this process is something to be proud of.

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