Once your prose is complete, it needs to be reviewed by someone to ensure the writing is clear and grammatically correct. This is where a good editor comes into the picture. There are two main stages of editing that your work should go through, especially if it is a longer piece of prose such as a short story, novella, or novel.

The first stage is the developmental editing stage. Here, the editor will be focused primarily on plot, character development, and other big picture elements of the work. Grammar and spelling may be addressed, however it is not the primary focus of this edit.

The second stage is the proofreading stage. In this stage, the editor focuses on grammar, spelling, word repetitiveness, and anything else involving the final cleanup of the piece. It is presumed that the work has already been through several rounds of editing by the author and hopefully another editor before it is ready for this stage.

For the best results, it is usually recommended that an author hire different editors for each stage of the process.

Sometimes an author doesn’t really know if their work needs developmental editing, or just a quick proofread. If this is the case with your manuscript, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation.

Finally, we do understand that authors are sometimes limited by budget constraints and are willing to work with you to provide varying levels of editing assistance based on that. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form to further discuss your editing needs.

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“Chloe copy edited my book John Kerry and PCF-44. The book is much the better because of her efforts. Specifically, she strengthened the objectiveness of the narrative by removing me, my snarkiness, and my vanity from several places in the presentation. She identified areas of inconsistency and difficulty in understanding.

Chloe works with a minimum of direction and has the capability to accurately estimate her time and schedule requirements. She is a pleasure to work with as she makes her points with fervor and accepts the decisions of the author with grace.” Mike Johnson

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