Content Creation Help

Many writers find that they are great at writing books and short stories, but not so great at writing copy for their blogs and websites. Does the idea of SEO and keywords make you long for the days before technology played such an important part in our lives? Do you just want to walk away from it all and focus your time on writing you actually enjoy?

We can help out with all of that. We can spend a few hours doing some keyword research for you to help you come up with some blog ideas, and then give you a quick, easily digestible lesson on SEO and keywords and how to use them to improve your website traffic. We can review your site and propose some new content ideas, or we can create new and engaging content for your website. We provide web design services as well if you are interested in a full redesign of your website.

Get in touch and let us know the details of your project so we can work with you to improve your traffic and give you more time to work on the type of writing you actually like to do.

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