Blog Tips for Authors: Why a Good Blog is About More than Just Good Writing
Why a Good Blog is About More Than Just Good Writing

Blog Tips for Authors: Why a Good Blog is About More than Just Good Writing

If you don’t know it already, a blog is a tremendous way to drive sales for your book or your business. It can help facilitate higher rankings in search engines, it is a great tool to engage with your readers on a regular basis to keep them interested, and it is also a terrific venue to build an audience for your book, author platform, or for that matter whatever other product you are selling. However, there is much more to writing a blog than just good writing, and that is where a lot of people find themselves stymied.

What do you mean there is more to blogging than good writing? Why can’t I just write some brilliant articles and throw them up on my blog?

You can do that, and it will generate some interest.  But you want more than just “some interest.”  There are other things to consider as well. First of all, writing a few awesome and compelling blog posts is not necessarily going to get people to look at other posts on your page, and it may or may not manifest into sales of your book or product.

Secondly, you want them coming back for more and more and more!  It is vital that you know how to transform these blog hits into sales, or even to monetize the blog to compensate you for the time and energy you are putting into it.  

If you don’t know how to do this, and you don’t have the time to learn, there are numerous blog writers online specializing in this who can help you, and I outline the process you should take to go about finding someone to help you with your blog in a series of articles, starting here. But if you need to run your blog yourself, there are some things you should research first.   

Okay, so what do I need to know to have people find my book(s) through my blog?

First of all, you need to know who is buying your books by creating at least three buyer personas based on people who have already shown an interest in your book, or people who buy the genre that your book(s) are written in. Buyer personas are fictionalized, personalized representations of your ideal customer.

Secondly, you must be able to do keyword research for your book and the topics covered in it. Figure out what your potential readers are searching for and then write blog posts that will be indexed by search engines to show up in those searches. Do you know what a long-tail keyword is? In short, a long-tail keyword is a three or four word phrase that is specific to what you are selling. Utilizing long-tail keywords in your blogs will help you show up first in search, because they are more specific and have less competition for the top spot.

making your blog show up in search

Perhaps, most importantly, be honest with yourself. Can you write engaging and compelling blog content? As a writer, this “should” be easy for you, but engaging blog content is different than writing an engaging book, which is your specialty as an author. A blog post should be short, averaging between 700 and 1500 words. It should be easily consumable by the average online reader, meaning they should be able to skim the article quickly.  The post must have bold headlines, possibly bullet points, and divisions allowing the reader to absorb the information that is contained in the post by just glancing over the material.

Lastly, your blog post must include some type of “call to action” in it. You can’t just ask people to buy the book for every call to action either. The call to action can be a request to sign up for an email list to be the first to know when new content is created, or a request to follow you on Facebook. But each blog post must include this “call to action” to keep the reader engaged and participating in the experience.  The call to action should vary with each post.

Wow, there is a lot more to writing a successful blog than I thought…

Don’t let it frighten you!  There is a lot to do, but it is completely manageable.  A little bit of research and mental elbow grease will go a long way towards improving your content, and driving the growth you’re desiring.

And remember, here at Awen Books and More, we can help you improve your blog! Follow Awen Books and More on LinkedIn or Facebook for more articles, or contact us for a personalized evaluation!  (Yes, that is our “call to action!”)


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