5 ideas for blog posts for a self-published fiction author
Five Ideas for Blog Posts for a Fiction Author

5 ideas for blog posts for a self-published fiction author

Blogging is a vital component to your success as an author in today’s marketplace, especially if you self-publish. This can be significantly easier to do for a non-fiction author who can establish credibility by blogging about topics that are relevant to the themes of the books they publish. But what the heck does a fiction author blog about?

Here are 5 ideas to get you started!

  • Publish a series of “Day in the Life” essays

Once a week, write an essay or a short story about what one of your characters is doing that day. This could be something completely arbitrary and boring, or it could be exciting and/or life-changing. Make sure to vary the characters every week. You will want to primarily focus on your main characters, but it could be a really fun exercise to write about a subsidiary character as well. This will generate excitement for your book, and it could have the added benefit of helping you towards your goal of writing the next one as well!

  • Publish background stories

You did write a few background stories on your characters and your setting before sitting down to write your book, right? Those are easy blog posts for weeks when you’re overwhelmed with other obligations because they are already written. If you didn’t write them already, do it now. Write a short essay that talks about something that happened to your main character when he was four years old that explains a character quirk that he has in your book. Write a story about the handyman at the General Store who doesn’t even have a name in your book. Give him a name! Again, this will help get your readers excited about buying, and it might spark your creative juices to help you get on your way to writing your next masterpiece!

  • Write a fake news article

While you make yourself breakfast, think about what is going on in the world that your characters live in today. Has anything newsworthy happened? An assasination? A natural disaster? Or maybe the library is offering tea time to the local preschoolers. Let your audience read something fun that’s going on “today”, outside of the time period where your book is set.

  • Write about yourself

Did something really awesome happen to you today? Maybe you came up with an idea for another book. Don’t give it away of course, but you could write a few hundred words about what you were doing when inspiration struck. Or maybe your cat did something that you thought was really cool. Peppering your blog with stories about your personal life (not too personal of course) will help your audience feel like they know you more and it will help to generate sales.

  • Write reviews of similar books

Do you want your peers to love you? Write reviews of new books that you enjoyed reading. This is especially helpful if the books you are reviewing are also from other self-published fiction writers. Hopefully they will return the favor and you can both help each other out!
Maintaining a blog with at least 2 new posts a week along with an active social media presence may not be your favorite activity as an author. But it is a proven way to generate sales and make it possible for you to actually make a living off of your writing. Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you and make the prospect of regular blogging something you now look forward to.

As an added bonus, all of these activities will help you keep your creative juices flowing and enable you to become a better writer!

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