What to look for when hiring a content writer
What to Look for When Hiring a Content Writer

What to look for when hiring a content writer

Once you post your job and do some searches, you may find yourself with a much longer list of potential candidates than you expected. Did you realize how many qualified freelance writers there were in the world? Now you do. How do you decide which writer is best for you?

smilies-1607163_640Some of the aspects you are looking for may seem to be quite obvious. The writer you hire should have a good grasp of basic spelling and grammar. They should be able to write articles that people want to read, and you should like the tone and style of their work. The writer should have a strong writing voice that is clear, consistent, and easy to follow. Finally, it is important to know that the writer has a history of meeting deadlines. These are some of the basic things to look for when hiring a content writer.

You also want a writer who is genuinely interested in the job, not just because it’s a job, but because it is a topic they are interested in. Yes, a good content writer will be able to write on almost anything, but the work that the writer has an interest in will shine above the rest. It shouldn’t be hard to find a writer with an interest in your topic based on the number of writers that are in the market and the writing will definitely stand out more if the author cares about the subject at hand. You want your content to shine, don’t you? How do you tell if they are interested? You can tell by the questions they ask. The writer should have some questions for you before they decide to take the job. The questions asked by the writer will enable you to determine how much experience they have, as well as their interest in the project. So pay close attention to the type and quality of questions your potential writer has for you.

Finally, you need a writer who ‘gets’ you. This can be harder to quantify, but if you want someone who will write quality content for your business that will get your company to stand out, then you need someone who is on board with your company mission and goals. They should want to learn about the company that they will be representing. You need to feel very comfortable with them, as you will likely be working closely with them to develop your brand and presence. They need to be a part of the process and they need to want to be a part of the process. One way you can determine this is by the comfort level you get from the conversations you have with them, another way to determine this is to evaluate the type of relationship the writer has with past clients. Do they have a good list of people who can speak warmly of their interactions with the writer?

If you have thoroughly considered what you need from a writer, then it should be easy to narrow your list down to the best candidates for the job.

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