Do you have an idea or story you want to share with the world? Have you always dreamed of publishing your own book? At Awen Books and More, we can help you achieve your dreams from start to finish.

Our company provides a variety of services to help authors reach their publishing goals, regardless of where they are in their journey. For authors who need assistance with writing, ghostwriting services are offered on a project by project basis. We also provide editing services; from developmental and substantive help for earlier drafts, to basic proofreading services for the polished manuscript that is almost ready for publication. Additionally, at Awen Books and More, we are able to assist with other types of publishing questions that you may have. Not sure if you want to self-publish or try to find a traditional publisher? We can help you decide what is right for you! If you want to self-publish, we are able to provide assistance with navigating the various self-publishing programs that are out there, as well as assistance with marketing your book. We will work with you and your budget to help you make your dream come true!

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